Our vision

Link City is your trustworthy accounting and consulting company. Our goal is to provide high quality and affordable company services to the public, which includes company formation, company trading, secretary, auditing, salary management, Hong Kong visa application, etc. Our team is experienced, handled a large number of cases and solved many problems that companies were concerned about. Our team strives for perfection, we are willing to understand the needs of clients and try our best to provide customers with high-quality services.

Hong Kong is an international financial center with high degrees of economic freedom. It has a well-developed market, which is very suitable for the growth and development of start-up companies. If you are going to set up a company in Hong Kong, but do not know how to do so, you can consult us about company formation. If you have made up your mind, Link City can guide you to finish your company registration. Link City is willing to help with the establishment of your company.



If you faced difficulties after establishing your company, such as no office address, no company secretary, no full-time accountant, etc. Link City can also help you to solve the problem. We provide a series of solutions to support the development of your company, help you to overcome every problem that start-up company would face. We are your reliable virtual financial manager. Our ultimate goal is to provide clients the highest quality services at affordable price. We always put your interests in the first place. As our client, you can ensure that we always care about your concerns and your business.

Link City is willing to solve the problems and obstacles that start-up companies and SMEs would face when they are expanding their business. We can help you manage the company operations, so you can concentrate on the development of your core business and do not need to worry about spending too much time on company management that may slow down and hinder the growth of your business. We hope that by providing high-quality services, start-up companies and SMEs can maximize their potential and break the boundaries that restrict them.



Why should you choose Link City?

Different from other companies, Link City has the following features that are worthy of your support and trust.



We are a reliable accounting and consulting company and are familiar with every step of company formation and management. We have solved the problems encountered by many companies and know the difficulties that companies may encounter in their businesses and the procedures for government applications. You can rest assured of letting us handle the management of your company.



Reliable and Honest

Our team is honest and reliable, you can rest assured that your company information is to be kept safe and sound. Our service terms are highly transparent. If you want to know more about our services, we will provide you with all the necessary information. Our team will give you fair and useful suggestions based on your company's situation. We will not exaggerate our service or give our clients false hopes. We concern about your needs and requirements, providing you with the most practical solutions.



Affordable price

We understand your concerns on budget control and the difficulties that you may be facing. We hope to provide high-quality services at an affordable price for start-up companies and SMEs. Our fees are fair and transparent.



Excellent service

Our team is experienced and knowledgeable, we know all the steps and laws for company formation and management. Our team concerns your needs and requirements, and will provide you the most suitable solution based on your company's situation. We help clients to make the right decisions and policies and help them manage their companies and to gain success.