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Why do you need Link City?

Have you ever worried about needing to have an accountant to track all your bills but found that you have no budget to hire one? Don’t worry! You can outsource the accounting work to us, and there will be no need to deal with the bills yourself. Link City is your professional virtual accountant, we track all your invoice and check the progress of the bills. We will write a professional accounting statement for you to let you know about the company’s financial situation. With Link City, you can save the trouble and budget of hiring an accountant and furthermore, get a professional team to provide you with high-quality accounting services.

Our accounting services include bookkeeping, invoice administration, bills settlement, receivable tracking, accounting statement preparation, tax return filing and auditing, etc.

Cloud accounting services are also included. We will help you set up the cloud accounting software and teach you how to use it. You can handle the software by yourself or let us handle it.



What are the advantages of outsourcing accounting?

In the past, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) would hire an accountant to handle the company’s finance, but it is more popular for SMEs to outsource their accounting work in recent years. It is because outsourced accounting can reduce the costs required to hire a professional team to handle the company’s finances, and the resources saved can be used in other places which can better improve the company performance.

In addition, outsourcing accounting work can avoid handover problems when the employee is leaving the company. Since the fluidity of SMEs is usually greater, employee turnover is more common. When the staff responsible for accounting leaves, the succeeding staff may not know the way that the former staff handled the finances. The new staff needs time to familiarize with the company’s financial processing procedures. Meanwhile, the company’s performance may be dragged down and confusion of the company’s account may occur. Outsourcing accounting work can perfectly solve the problem.

Some clients outsource accounting for confidentiality reasons. After outsourcing the accounting work, the company’s financial situation and employee compensation will no longer be leaked. We guarantee that the company information will be confidential, and only you can determine who can obtain the company information. We can also handle payroll and MPF for you to further reduce the risk of information leakage.


What are the differences between cloud accounting and ordinary accounting?

Through cloud accounting, managers can access the company’s account anytime at anywhere. For traditional accounting, the data is kept on the company’s servers or in the account books. If the managers want to access them, they need to come to the office in person. By using cloud accounting, managers can access data at any time through the internet. Authorized other personnels, including the agents, government, banks, etc. can access the database which greatly reduces the workload and time spent on financial management.

In addition, cloud accounting can reduce the company’s server expenses which include the hardware costs and network maintenance, and avoid the losses caused by equipment depreciation and obsolescence. Enterprises need not worry about the system setting and storage space limit since they can choose the cloud service according to their own need with great flexibility.



What is Xero?

Xero is a cloud accounting software that is very popular among SMEs. It has very comprehensive functions and covering the majority daily operations such as invoices, quotations, accounting statements, etc. and is applicable to many industries. For a service-based business, the software provids a limited function of inventory tracking, so you need not switch between accounting and logistics management software frequently. It has automated late bill reminders that can be sent to customers and charges late payments automatically. For more specific and detailed operations and functions of Xero, you can contact us for more information.