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According to the Law of Hong Kong, all Hong Kong registered companies must audit their financial statements. The auditing of the financial statements should be performed by an independent qualified accountant or auditor. We provide auditing service and our services can help you prepare financial statements that explain the company's financial and operating conditions to shareholders and the public. With our assistance, you can find weaknesses in financial management so you can improve the cost-effectiveness of your business.

The goal of auditing is to find out whether the company’s financial statements truly and reasonably reflect the company’s financial situation and whether there is a significant difference between the statement and reality. Auditing of the financial statements is prescribed by law. We advise clients to find a certified accountant to write the financial statement as soon as possible and do not wait until the receiving of the tax form. It is good to start the work 15 months after the company is established since the tax bureau will issue tax forms 18 months after the establishment of the company and the company is required to submit an audit report within 3 months. Auditing takes time and may not be completed within 3 months. Prepare the auditing report earlier can avoid late submission of the report

If you want to know more details and charges of our service, feel free to contact us. We will calculate charges based on workload, complexity, and time requirements. Our fees include all government fees. If you have any problems with taxation, you can hire us as your tax representative to handle all your taxation work. If you want to quote for the auditing service, please fill in the form, and send us your balance sheet and profit and loss statement. We guarantee that all your provided information is confidential. If you have any enquiries, please contact us.