No matter what kind of company, a small start-up or a medium-sized enterprise, our team can make a salary management plan for your company. You can concentrate on your core business and have no worry on problems of payroll management. All the information is kept strictly confidential to ensure that only person authorized by you can access them. By using our service, you can reduce the problem of leakage of employee salary information, which affects employee morale and performance.

By using our salary management plan, you can control your business with greater flexibility and have better control over every aspect of payroll management. We can help you control the overall labour costs, retain talented employees and avoid legal issues. You can save costs and workload in payroll management, reduce paperwork and have no worry on payroll information leakage due to resignation of employees by using our service. By outsourcing your salary management, you have more time to focus on company's core business and strategic goals.



Our salary management plans include:

  1. Salary calculation and payment
  2. MPF Management
  3. Consultation of recruitment and dismissal
  4. Statutory filing (e.g IR56B)

By using our service, you can reduce the expenditure and workload on salary management, make you easier to achieve your business goals. If you are interested in our salary management plan, please feel free to contact us, we are willing to solve your problem and difficulties in salary management.



Recruitment in Hong Kong

Statutory Minimum Wage
HK$37.5 per hour (From 1 May 2019)
MPF/ Mandatory Provident Fund
5 % of employee relevant income, capped at HK$1500 (From 1 June 2014)
Paid Maternity Leave
10 weeks

5 days (From 27 February 2015)
Employees Compensation Insurance