Tax Consulting

  • Tax allowance and exemption
  • Apportionment of onshore and offshore profits and expenses
  • Segregation of onshore and offshore businesses and profits
  • Capital expenditure timing and classification

     Tax Filing

  • Capital gain claim and Interest income taxability
  • Utilization of companies with tax losses
  • Filing of tax returns and tax computations
  • Cross-border activities
  • Cost-sharing arrangement

     Tax Compliance

  • Tax field audit
  • Advance ruling
  • Replies to enquiry letters of IRD




Hong Kong is well known for its economic freedom and is a good choice for international companies who are seeking for a favourable tax rate to develop the Greater China and Southeast Asian market. Compared to other developed countries, the tax system of Hong Kong is relatively simple. The type of taxes are fewer and are mainly direct taxes. The Hong Kong tax system follows the territorial principle, it implies that only profits derived from Hong Kong are taxable, while profits derived in other places are not taxable. In other words, if the company does not have any profit derived in Hong Kong, the company does not need to pay taxes in Hong Kong.

If you think the tax system is complicated, do not know how to declare income and deduction, and is confused on how to pay tax legally, you can hire us to handle your taxation issues, so you can concentrate on your core business and need not worry about taxation problems that might affect the operation of the company.