Hong Kong Trademark Registration


  • Register 1 Hong Kong trademark
  • Valid for 10 years
  • Including government fees

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Don't overlook the importance of a registered trademark, it's an important part of your business plan. Your intellectual property can only be fully protected after registering a trademark. In addition to company names and patterns can be registered as trademarks, products, designs, methods, concepts, logos and other things can also be registered. Trademark registration is necessary for research and development related companies, otherwise the product concept is likely to be copied by competitors. For a general company, registered trademarks prevent pseudonyms and allow consumers to distinguish between themselves and others' products. In short, trademark registration is necessary for any company of a certain size, and you should consider registering a trademark for something important to the company when you want your intellectual property to be infringed by others. 

Hong Kong has a sound set of laws and mechanisms for the protection of intellectual property rights. When you register a trademark, if someone tries to steal your trademark, he will face legal action.  With this layer of protection, you can ensure that your intellectual property is properly protected. Although registered trademarks are so convenient, the process of registering trademarks is cumbersome and complex, intended to avoid the abuse of trademark registration mechanisms. If you don't know how to register a trademark, or don't want to spend too much time on a trademark registration, you can find a paperwork to complete the registered trademark for you. So when you do business, you can focus on more pressing matters without having to go through the long trademark registration process. 

If you want to register a foreign-sanctioned trademark, we also offer a foreign trademark registration service, you can contact us for more information. 


The method of registering trademarks in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong government agency responsible for trademark registration is the Intellectual Property Department. You may register trademarks in person or online. Before registering a trademark, you must already own the trademark and are using or intending to use it. If you have not used a trademark modification within three years of registering a trademark, the Intellectual Property Department may revoke your trademark registration on grounds that it is not used.

After completing and submitting the registration documents, the Trademark Registry of the Intellectual Property Department will review your application to see if your trademark complies with Hong Kong law. They also need to make sure that the trademark you are applying for does not conflict with the existing trademark and does not have similar or identical trademarks.

If you submit incomplete information, the Trademark Registry will ask you to fill the gaps within two months. With the hiring, we will ensure that all submissions are complete and you don't have to worry about delays in the trademark registration process. If the Trademark Registry rejects your application, you can appeal the decision or request a hearing. In addition, the applicant may also continue to register the trademark by amending the trademark within six months to meet the relevant provisions.

If the Trademark Registry accepts your application, your trademark will be published in the Hong Kong Intellectual Property Gazette and anyone can view your trademark on the website. Trademark registration has not been completed now, as anyone can object to your trademark registration within three months. You can withdraw your registration or defend your objection. If the dispute cannot be resolved in the end, the hearing person will decide whether your trademark registration complies with the requirements. 

If you pass all of these procedures, your trademark will be officially registered and you will obtain a certificate of registration that you own the trademark.

The trademark registration process is lengthy and complicated, and it is not easy to apply for a trademark correctly. If you are concerned that the document preparation is not complete or unfamiliar with the application process will delay the registration of the trademark, disrupt ingress your schedule. You can ask us to register a trademark for you, we will ensure that the application process does not go wrong, your trademark registration can be completed on time (if your trademark code and no one objects). You can contact us anytime if you need it and we will answer your questions.