Virtual Office

Virtual office


  • Hong Kong registered address
  • A dedicated phone number
  • Listen to the phone
  • Call the service
  • Voicemail service
  • A dedicated fax number

Optional Services:

  • Virtual office
  • Common / private office space
  • Conference room
  • Room

The benefits of a virtual office

Virtual offices are a product of modern times, and the concept of virtual offices comes up when low-cost affordable computers and communications equipment allows people to do their jobs at home. In recent years, virtual offices have emerged, and more and more start-ups have chosen virtual offices as venues for their jobs. In fact, the virtual office is not entirely assumed on the network, it is also used with an actual existing office. It's called a virtual office because it's not a formal place to work, and employees need to work in virtual offices only when they have occasional meetings or pick-ups. Why are virtual offices becoming more and more popular? This is based on several major reasons. 

First, the virtual office does not have any renovation and furniture procurement expenses, and the rent is lower than the average office. Small and medium-sized enterprises, especially start-ups, often face the problem of insufficient funds. They don't have enough budget to rent a place that's enough for everyone to work, and most of their work is done online, and it's not much different to work at home or in a dedicated office, with only a small amount of time spent on office space such as conference rooms. They don't want to spend a lot of money renting offices, they want to put their budgets on spending more to expand their business. Virtual offices can solve their problems perfectly, renting virtual offices, they have a base for external contacts, without having to place too many people in virtual offices, and key staff can work from home or other locations, saving money and achieving the effect of a regular office. 

Another important reason to rent a virtual office is to raise the company's profile. When small businesses solicit customers, they often ask for office and contact addresses. If the enterprise address filled in the home address, will give people not professional impression, the enterprise can get the trust of customers. If a business rents a virtual office, you can tell the customer the address of the virtual office when you want to tell the contact address, which can enhance the other person's first impression of the business. Moreover, virtual offices are often located in more busy and convenient locations, making it easier for customers to find the company and impress when they visit or businesses open a reception. If small and medium-sized enterprises are to rent ordinary offices in the same lot, I am afraid that they cannot afford the budget, and even if they can afford it, it will have a great impact on the company's finances. Taken together, virtual offices are ideal for small and medium-sized businesses and start-ups with limited budgets. Even established businesses sometimes use virtual offices, such as when they want to expand their business in a certain place but only want to open a local liaison office, which is a good choice for them. 

Connect to provide virtual office services that you can rent at a costly price every month. We also have separate meeting rooms and writing desks for rent, and businesses can have permanent residents in virtual offices and meetings in virtual offices.  If you are interested in our services, please feel free to contact us.