Set Up a Company

Standard Package


  • Company incorporation (includes HKD$1,720 government fee)
  • First-year business registration fee (includes HKD$250 government fee)
  • Article of the associations printing
  • Share certificates
  • Logbooks
  • Common and Stamp Seal
  • Company registration documents
  • Bank Account Set up
  • Green box transporting

   Optional Services:

  • Trademark Registration
  • Registered Address and letter receiving service
  • Overseas company registration
  • Company Secretary2
  • Accounting
  • HKD$8,000
  • HKD$700 per year
  • HKD$5,850+
  • HKD$1,000+ per year
  • HKD$100+ per month

1Standard Package only applies to company with a simple shareholding structure (no corporate shareholders and no more than 2 individuals shareholders). If you have any enquirers or need other services, please contact us.

2Company Secretarial services include:

(i)Update company, director, shareholder information or address changes

(ii)File annual return and submit it to Companies Registry (does not include registration fees)

Easy Steps to Set up a Company

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4 Step 5

Fill out the online form to provide general company information and make the online service payment

We will process your form as soon as we receive the form, we will check if the company name is duplicated. We will then send you all the necessary documents for registration within a few hours.

The clients confirm the details of the documents are all correct.

We will submit all the required documents and pay the government fees, handle all the remaining procedures properly.

Once we received the notification of the establishment of the company, we will send all company registration documents to the address specialized by the clients.



Points of notice when incorporating a Hong Kong company

  1. The company name must end with the word “Limited”.
  2. There must be a Hong Kong address for the registered address of the company. If necessary, we can provide the address.
  3. There must be a company secretary and he/she should be a Hong Kong resident aged 18 or above, or a company registered in Hong Kong. We provide secretarial services.
  4. There must be at least one director and one shareholder, the director and shareholder can be the same person.
  5. There must be an individual director, shareholders can be natural person or company.
  6. Neither the company’s directors nor shareholders has nationality requirement.
  7. There is no minimum requirement for share capital in the law, the issued share capital can be as low as HK$1.
  8. There must be a company secretary and a registered address. However, there is no employees or office requirement.



Company Register

Inland Revenue Department